My family and I had been eating Shiloh Farms seven grain bread for breakfast every morning for years. Then, one by one, we all moved away from the east coast. This year I had it shipped to my mother in California for Mother’s Day. She was THRILLED! I wish it were available out west. Count yourself fortunate if you live within the area they service.

These [Organic Dark Chocolate Chips] are the best I’ve ever tasted. And the fact that they are gluten and allergen free just makes them more appealing. Thanks Shiloh Farms for creating such awesome products!

I use the Shiloh Farms Organic Sprouted Spelt Flour to make the best donuts! …They do not leave you feeling full and sluggish like conventional donuts, but energized and happy! I am a big believer in enjoying healthful foods and not ever feeling deprived. This product allows us ‘treats’ that we need not feel guilty over…

[Spelt Sesame Sticks] have been my favorite snack for 7 years! I love these and they keep me going when I get that hungry feeling and it’s not yet time for a meal! They are outstanding and also healthy for you. I appreciate the great service I get from Shiloh Farms. It’s always a pleasure doing business with a company that has excellent customer service.

This NATURAL sweetener [Organic Date Sugar] is a dream. Perfect for baking not too sweet desserts and having a delicious treat that is cane sugar-free. Wonderful to sprinkle on toast, popcorn and cereals. This is a fantastic product for anyone watching sugar intake. Thanks Shiloh Farms.

[Shiloh Farms Sprouted Whole Wheat Pretzels w/ Sea Salt] are the best pretzels EVER! I love them. Was so upset that my first order was only one bag of pretzels. I just ordered a case of them this time!!

Delicious and nutritious! [Shiloh Farms Organic Sprouted BFL 7 Grain Bread has been] my bread of choice for at least 15 years now, maybe longer. Need I say more?

I have been sprouting grains for a while now and was so excited to see [Shiloh Farms Organic Sprouted Spelt Flour] in my health food store. I love to bake and cook using this flour and I can really tell a difference when it comes to digestion. It works well in everything I’ve tried and tastes so good. I happily feed it to my family knowing that it’s high in nutrients.

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