About Shiloh Farms

In 1942, a group of like-minded people gathered on a farm in Western New York and founded the Shiloh Community. Their common goal was to live and work together in health and harmony.

To help support themselves and sustain their lifestyle they created a bakery and became known for their hearty, healthy all-natural products. Organic certification had not yet been invented.

_images_CompanyInfoPage_white-building.gifThis was the beginning of SHILOH FARMS®.

Over time, the community moved to the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Arkansas and SHILOH FARMS expanded its offering to include grains, nuts, honey, dried fruits and preserves.

Our mission is to provide great tasting organic & natural foods for people who want a wholesome, healthy diet.

Only the finest of nature’s bounty from the world’s most reputable growers are allowed to become ingredients in SHILOH FARMS foods. It is our promise to you and it is our SHILOH FARMS tradition – a tradition of wholesome healthy foods.


4 thoughts on “About Shiloh Farms

    • Thanks Danny, wish I could have made it down.Hope to see you soon and tell Becky and Katie I say hello when you see them.You must be excited for your new falmiy member!PJ

  1. I first became aware of Shiloh Farms when I worked at a health foodstore in Buffalo,N.Y. My wife and I still talk about how great your Alpha Horn cheese was.
    I was wondering: what town were you near in upstate New York originally? Also,I love your founding principles and scripture quote,do you still have people who were part of Shiloh from the beginning with you today and do you still have a faith based organization? I think it was around Christmas in say 1972 or so, at the Health Food store I worked we received a wonderful tape of people singing eiither hymns or carols.
    It was great!

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