Celebrate Dairy Month with Shiloh Farms Organic Goat Cheeses!

Shiloh Farms Organic Goat Chevre - Zesty Red Pepper

June is Dairy Month, the ideal time to reflect on the many healthy (and delicious!) benefits provided by our Organic Goat Cheeses!

Using milk from goats grazing in the peaceful mountains of Bozeman, Montana, Shiloh Farms Organic Goat Chevre and Whole Milk Ricotta are fantastic sources of vitamins and minerals, including calcium, potassium, and Vitamin A. Lower in calories than cheese made from cow’s milk, goat cheese is also more easily digested, meaning that it can be happily enjoyed by many who suffer from lactose intolerance.

Rich and creamy, Shiloh Farms Organic Goat Cheeses are delicious enjoyed alone, alongside fruit and crackers, or as a tangy addition to sandwiches. Or why not try out one of the recipes below for your next get-together?

Recently, we’ve shared several goat cheese recipes perfect for summer entertaining:

But, have you ever considered adding goat cheese to your pancakes? Try this recipe from PureLiving – Fluffy Millet Pancakes featuring our Whole Milk Goat Ricotta as a key secret ingredient!

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