Memorial Day Entertaining

Cheeseburger with Shiloh Farms Organic Grass Fed Beef

Memorial Day is right around the corner and with it comes cookouts, picnics, and other get-togethers with family and friends. Make sure you have everything you need for a wholesome, healthy holiday with Shiloh Farms & PureLiving!

Shiloh Farms Organic Grass-Fed Ground Beef makes a perfect, juicy & delicious burger. And what better to top that burger with than one of PureLiving’s Organic Fermented Condiments? They pack a tangy punch and deliver a healthy helping of probiotics and vital nutrients!

Find these items in your local market, or visit to choose from our extensive selection of Organic & All Natural foods!

PureLiving Organic Traditionally Fermented Condiments

Looking for more great Memorial Day entertaining ideas? Check out some of our favorite recipes that would be perfect at any cookout or picnic:

• Turkey & Ricotta Cheese Burgers
Sweet Potato Black Bean Burgers
Quinoa & Brussel Sprout Salad
Chilled Black Bean Salad
Sprouted Cornbread (Gluten Free)
Crab & Corn Fritters (Gluten Free)
Fudgy Brownies (Gluten Free)
Chocolate Chip Cookies (Gluten Free)
Sprouted Pie Crust (Gluten Free option)

Find even more recipes at &!

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