Celebrate Pretzel Day with 25% Off!

Shiloh Farms Organic Sprouted PretzelsHappy Pretzel Day!

April 26th is officially recognized as National Pretzel Day, so grab a bag and enjoy some of our favorite pretzel trivia:

•  It’s believed that pretzels originated in Europe as early as 610 A.D.
•  In the Middle Ages, pretzels were a symbol of good luck and spiritual purity.
•  Modern hard pretzels were first produced by a Lititz, PA bakery in the mid-19th century.
•  Pennsylvania accounts for approximately 80% of all pretzels made in America each year.
•  The world’s largest-ever pretzel weighed over 840 pounds!

Pretzel Day Sale!

In celebration of this fun holiday, we’re taking 25% off all of our pretzels, all weekend! Sprouted or spelt, salt free or with chia – we are sure to have the perfect crunchy snack to whet your appetite! No coupon code necessary – just stop by ShilohFarms.com, shop, and enjoy!
Shiloh Farms Organic Mini Spelt Pretzels

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