Save on Shiloh Farms Holiday Baking Essentials!

Shiloh Farms Holiday Baking EssentialsBaking is an integral part of every holiday season. We look forward to getting in the kitchen and filling our homes with the warmth and scents of freshly made breads, muffins, cookies, and all manner of delicious desserts. However, this is also a time that is fraught with danger and disappointment for those with specific dietary concerns, as many common baking ingredients are strictly off-limits. Luckily Shiloh Farms has you covered with its Holiday Baking Essentials. From our Allergen Free Dark Chocolate Chips to PureLiving’s extensive line of Sprouted, Gluten Free Flours, Shiloh Farms offers a wide variety of Organic and All Natural ingredients to keep you, and those you love, happy and full this holiday season!

Stock Up & Save!

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Shiloh Farms is making its Holiday Baking Essentials available at 30% Off! Get your last-minute ingredients for turkey-day or go ahead and stock up for your Christmas or Hanukkah baking needs. But act fast – this deal is only available November 18th & 19th! To redeem, enter coupon code “SeasonsEatings” at checkout.

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