Product Spotlight: Shiloh Farms Heirloom Grains

Heirloom grains are true grains that have not been genetically modified, but rather grown as nature intended.  Known as a dietary staple for thousands of years, these ancient grains gradually disappeared from dinner tables and were supplanted by modern varieties bred for yield rather than flavor or nutrition.  However, they have experienced a resurgence in recent years as consumers have sought out alternatives to the bland and tasteless grain varieties that are prevalent today.  Prized for their rich, distinctive flavors and unique nutritional benefits, heirloom grains are the very definition of the kind of wholesome, healthy foods Shiloh Farms strives to bring its customers.  With Emmer Farro, Freekeh, and Multi-Color Popcorn varieties, the brand’s new line of Organic Heirloom Grains is a versatile, nutrient-rich, and hearty way of enhancing a healthy lifestyle.Shiloh Farms Heirloom Grains

Since 1942, Shiloh Farms has looked to the fullness of nature’s bounty to bring consumers superior products made with only the purest ingredients.  As a leading provider of authentic natural foods, Shiloh Farms seeks to enrich the world one meal at a time.


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