Eat Better with Apple Butter

Fall is perhaps the only season that always comes with its own distinct palate of familiar flavors. A chill in the air means it’s time for pumpkin, cinnamon, maple, ginger and, of course, apples.  Shiloh Farms Apple Butter is a great way to get your apple fix, but what else can you do with apple butter besides spread it over some toasty multigrain bread? (Not that that’s a bad option either, especially when paired with peanut butter or cream cheese!) We’ve compiled some apple butter recipes and ideas to help you ring in apple season.

1.     Pancakes and Waffles. Use apple butter instead of syrup or as a crepe filling. You can even put apple butter in your pancakes!
2.     Hot Cereal or Yogurt. Mix apple butter in to a hot cereal like oatmeal or plain yogurt to give it a fall kick.
3.     Sandwiches. Try out apple butter as a sandwich spread! It pairs especially well with turkey or ham and sharp cheeses such as cheddar. A little Dijon mustard adds a spicy kick to your apple butter spread.
4.     Baking Substitute. Apple butter can often replace some of the sugar and oil in baked goods such as cakes and muffins.
5.     Pork. Use apple butter as a pork glaze. The meat will be moist and flavorful.

How do you use apple butter? Let us know!

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