Let’s hear from our fans!

We love getting feedback from our fans and customers about our products and services. Your suggestions help us provide the very best products nature has to offer! And your reviews help new customers make decisions.  Today, we are sharing with you a few recent reviews posted on Shiloh Farms online.Shiloh Farms Stamp

Lentils, Black Beluga. Organic 

“Salad Star” Posted by Unknown on 12th Jul 2013-Wow! These little black beauties are delicious as a side dish but they really shine in a salad. Paired the cooked lentils with cooked brown rice, freshly grated carrot and tossed with a lemon-shallot vinaigrette. Served warm with goat cheese and baguette. These lentils are earthy and just slightly peppery…can’t wait to have them again!

Almonds, Dark Chocolate Covered, Organic 

“Best chocolate covered almonds” Posted by Connie on 26th Jun 2013- Shiloh Farms is the only place to get them. I love the chocolate and the dusting of cocoa on the almond. I hide them in the back of my freezer just for me.

WheatBran, Unprocessed, Coarse, Organic

“Excellent Coarse Unprocessed Bran” Posted by Blair B. on May 16, 2013- This is an excellent coarse, unprocessed bran which is practically impossible to find in ordinary retail stores. Thank goodness for Shiloh Farms! 

Sprouted 100% Whole Grain PRETZEL PUFFS™ 

“Great snack!!” Posted by Karen on May 3, 2013- I have been looking everywhere for whole grain pretzels. Wow! These sprouted puffs are just what I was looking for and more. I love sprouted bread and it’s so good for you. Now I can have sprouted pretzels. Makes snacking seem good for you. Thanks! 

Popcorn without Salt added – Organic  IcoRating4

“Healthy Snack Option” Posted by MB on March 31, 2013- It has been almost impossible to locate a good quality, organic, salt-free popcorn so I was pleased to find yours. It is a nutritious and great tasting snack that fits into my eating plan. I discovered it in a local store a long time ago, but they no longer carry it. Please stock it to more stores.

Do you have a favorite Shiloh Farms product or have you recently experienced something great while shopping with us? Share your review on our website or Facebook page today!

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