Tea Party Picnic

The birds are singing and the bees are buzzing – all of the wonderful sounds of a picnic!  We have a great idea for a weekend activity with a friend, loved one or your kids– have a picnic tea party!


Of course you’ll have to pack your trusty basket with a blanket, plates and all of the other usual things, but we’re going to give you some extra ideas to have a picnic to remember.

  • Bring scones, muffins or hearty bread and serve with Shiloh Farms Apple Butter.
  • Pack a quart-sized clear container or jug filled with water and some of your favorite tea bags.
  • Make tea sandwiches with bread, cream cheese and cucumber.
  • Pack a kite, ball or Frisbee for a fun outdoor activity.

Once you arrive at your picnic destination, place the tea bags into the jug of water and place it in a sunny area of the park.  After just a few hours, you’ll have sun tea ready for your Tea Party Picnic and you can enjoy all of the healthy, wholesome snacks you packed.

Have fun!

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