10 Easy Ingredient Substitutions for Baking

Healthy eating doesn’t have to mean giving up your sweet tooth. Though the most common ingredients in baking are oil, butter and eggs – there are several key ingredient substitutions that can help cut out some of the calories and processed foods in your baked goods. Keep these 10 easy ingredient substitutions from blogger Picklee on hand to help make your next batch of cookies or cake a little healthier:

Image Courtesy of Picklee Blog

Image Courtesy of Picklee Blog

  1. Applesauce can be substituted for vegetable oil in equal parts. Applesauce will have the same texture while keeping your baked goods moist, and it contains less fat.
  2. Prune Puree, just like applesauce, can be swapped for oil in a baking recipe.
  3. Coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils you can use in cooking. Pressed extra virgin coconut oil is nearly tasteless so you won’t even notice the difference.
  4. Black bean puree can be used in place of flour to reduce calories and add fiber to your recipe. Feel free to swap these ingredients cup for cup.
  5. Mashed avocados are packed with vitamins and healthy fats, so swapping them for butter will reduce the calories and unhealthy fat in any recipe.
  6. Bananas are also a great cup-for-cup substitute for butter because of their rich texture.
  7. Vanilla Extract is a great addition to a recipe if you want to reduce the sugar content. Cut the amount of sugar in half and add a teaspoon of vanilla to keep the flavor without the extra calories.
  8. Greek yogurt is a great replacement for canola oil in a baking recipe to cut fat. Cut the recipe’s amount of oil in half and add ¾ cup of yogurt for every cup of oil you’ve removed.
  9. Cacao nibs can be substituted for chocolate chips in any baking recipe. Cacao is chocolate in the raw without adding extra sugar and fat.
  10. Evaporated milk is a great substitute for heavy cream to cut fat and calories. Replace equal parts evaporated milk for cream in most baking recipes.

We hope these substitutions will make your favorite baked goods even more enjoyable. Check out our other common ingredient substitutions for even more healthy cooking options. Happy baking!

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