Sensitive to Flour? Try these Essential Eating recipes!

Last month on the blog we explained the buzz around sprouted flours and why you should consider incorporating them into your diet. Now that you’re in the know on the benefits of sprouted flour, we thought it’d be great to clue you in to some cookbooks with great recipes that take Essential Eating to the next level.

Essential Eating, A Cookbook

Author Janie Quinn takes essential eating seriously. She views it as a way of life and thinks eating nutritious, easy-to-digest foods help to improve your life’s quality. Her Essential Eating cookbook bypasses fad diets to explore the premise that digestion is the key to restoring and maintaining your health.

Essential Eating, A Cookbook

Sprouted Baking

Janie Quinn explores the magnificent benefits of baking with sprouted and whole grain flours in her Sprouted Baking cookbook. You’ll find easy recipes for breads, muffins, pizza, pancakes, pastas and more easily digestible baked goods in this book all about healthier baking.

EE, Sprouted Baking

Essential Eating, The Digestible Diet

Janie Quinn’s third Essential Eating cookbook is based on a simple concept – eating delicious real foods that can be easily digested by your body to enable you to shed excess pounds. It’s all about eating good, real food to allow your body to perform at its best by supplying it with the best fuel possible.

The Digestible Diet

Feel free to visit our website for more information about incorporating Essential Eating into your lifestyle. Happy eating!

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