7 Ways to Eat Quinoa!

quinoa grainQuinoa, pronounced KEEN-wha, was once the sacred staple of the Incas. It can be substituted for rice, wheat, corn and barley in recipes. It is the highest in protein of all the grains. Contains 10 essential amino acids, low in sodium, high in calcium iron. Quinoa is a wonderful food for building strength and endurance.

Reasons to enjoy the benefits of Quinoa are:

  • Can be substituted for rice, wheat, corn and barley in recipes.
  • A rich and balanced source of vital nutrients.
  • A good source of fiber.
  • An alkaline food.
  • Light, tasty and easy to digest.  An Excellent source of nutrition for children.
  • Quinoa is 35 on the Glycemic Index.
  • A vegetarian solution.
  • A senior solution.
  • A diabetic solution.
  • A tasty solution.
  • Quinoa expands almost 5 times its size.
  • Quinoa is versatile – replaces any grain in a recipe.

Shiloh Farms offers a variety of quinoa, including:

Shiloh Farms also has many other Quinoa products like Quinoa Flour and Flakes…

Quinoa Flour   Quinoa Flour, Organic Quinoa flour, unlike wheat flour, contains no gluten and therefore does not lend itself to bread recipes. You can substitute this flour for half of the all-purpose flour in many recipes or completely replace wheat flour in cakes and cookie recipes. Try Quinoa Flour Banana Bread.

Quinoa flakesQuinoa Flakes, Organic– Organic Quinoa Flakes are smooth and delicious alone or topped with your favorite sweetener, cinnamon or fruit. For a delicious change, cook in apple Juice instead of water and let it simmer a little longer. Try Banana Quinoa Muffins.

Check out Shape.com for 10 New Ways to Eat Quinoa.

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