Mid-Summer Sale!

Shiloh Farms Water BottleFREE SHILOH FARMS Water Bottle
with any online purchase! 

Offer good between July 20 and July 31.

Our stainless steel water bottles are perfect for the eco-conscious. They are 100% recyclable, BPA free and dishwasher safe. Great for sporting events, trips and even on your daily walk, the handy hook attaches to your belt or bike or purse etc.  You can use it over and over again!

Enjoy some of our other Summer Specials…

Enjoy this summer classic and add some shredded coconut to your order!

Try our quinoa flakestri-color quinoa grain or sprouted golden quinoa, all on sale now! Quinoa can be substituted for rice, wheat, corn and barley in recipes and it contains 10 essential amino acids, low in sodium, high in calcium iron.

organic mesquite flourMESQUITE FLOUR: 20% OFF
Mesquite flour’s distinctive, rich flavor and aroma is similar to mocha coffee, cinnamon and chocolate. It’s high in fiber, low in fat and has a higher antioxidant concentration than wheat, corn and rice flour.

Enjoy the sale!

Wholesome and Healthy,
Shiloh Farms

P.S. While your shopping check our some of our other favorites…

  • SPROUTED PRODUCTS: Sprouting is the only way to release all of the vital nutrients stored in whole grains. Try some of our various sprouted products, ranging from bread to pasta, to pretzels!
  • TAPIOCA FLOUR:  This is the Tapioca Flour recommended by Silvana Nardone in her book Cooking for Isaiah.
  • UNPROCESSED COARSE WHEAT BRAN:  Adds Dietary Fiber to your Diet – Fiber in Coarse Wheat Bran is approx 80% insoluble fiber and 20% soluble fiber.

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