Our Timeline

A Tradition of Wholesome Healthy Foods

Shiloh Farms

  • 1942: SHILOH BAKERY founded in upstate New York.
  • 1960’s: SHILOH FARMS® becomes a leading NYC health food brand for farm fresh baked goods, honey, grains, meats and dairy products.
  • 1970’s: SHILOH FARMS introduces organic sprouted multi-grain breads; expands through the Midwest and beyond.
  • 1980’s: SHILOH FARMS pioneers national and international organic certification. Introduces more than 200 certified organic products, including oat bran and wheat bran.
  • 1990’s: SHILOH FARMS focuses on northeast regional distribution to independent health food stores.
  • 2000’s: SHILOH FARMS establishes Lancaster County, PA headquarters; updates logo and packaging; adds ESSENTIAL EATING® Sprouted Flours.
  • 2012: Working with SABVI and Nuts About Granola to open dedicated gluten free facility.

2 thoughts on “Our Timeline

  1. Thank YOU, PJ! Your presentation was great, the eoliuatavns were fabulous and everyone enjoyed your delicious gluten free goodies! We will let you know when the tape is available for anyone that missed the fun. Thanks again and best wishes as you start the baking in the new kitchen!

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