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Organic Mesquite Flour is 20% OFF!  

$9.89 $7.91

(and that’s not all, see the full sale list below the Mesquite Flour details)


organic mesquite flourMesquite flour’s distinctive, rich flavor and aroma is similar to mocha coffee, cinnamon and chocolate. It’s distinctive flavor delivers a delightful tasting experience and a nutritious benefit since it is high in fiber, low in fat and has a higher antioxidant concentration than wheat, corn and rice flour.

Shiloh Farms Mesquite flour is from the pulp of organic mesquite (Prosopis alba) pods. First, the seeds and the leathery capsule surrounding the seeds are eliminated by a combination of milling and sieving steps. This is done to obtain the most flavorful and aromatic part of the pod, which is the pulpy portion between the seed and the outer portion of the pod. Second, the pods are heated at about 130 F for 4 hours to remove the water so the high sugar  content pods can be ground to a fine flour.

Mesquite Pods

Mesquite Pods

1. Shiloh Farms Organic Mesquite Flour can be used as a baking ingredient or a seasoning in many foods and drinks.
2. Add mesquite to soups, vegetables, meat dishes, gravies, pancakes, muffins, cakes, pie crusts, cornbread, cookies, puddings and ice cream.
3. Add 2 Tbsp. to every cup of flour for an enjoyable flavor and aroma in all your baked goods. 

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