Modern Alternative Mama Gives a Shout Out to Shiloh Farms

Modern Alternative Mama, a blogger, mom, and healthy eater, wrote a review of Shiloh Farms Sprouted Pretzels. Modern Alternative Mama, or Kate, has written 4 cookbooks and is planning to release several more in 2012. When she’s not blogging, she’s in the kitchen, sewing, or homeschooling her children. You can also find her as a contributor at Keeper of the Home.

Read her review below…

For us, one major problem with buying snacks at the store is that we either have to go with “low nutrition” options…or they aren’t safe.  My kids don’t react well to unsoaked or unsprouted grains because of the phytic acid, and so we have to go with the white flour versions.  But then I have to ask myself…do I really want my kids eating that?  The only other solution is to make all my own snacks, which I do…but sometimes it’s nice to have something you can buy.

Enter Shiloh Farms.

They have a whole lined of sprouted whole wheat products — pasta, flour, and pretzels.  We went for the pretzels.  They have two options: one with chia seeds, and one with sea salt.  This is actually a healthy snack, not just something to eat.

Sprouted Pretzels

When the box with the snacks arrived, my kids were thrilled.  They dove on them and tore into the bags and happily munched on their pretzels.  They were pretty yummy…I had to fight the kids for them!  Even the baby was trying to grab them…poor baby (he can’t have grains plus these were too big to chew with no teeth).  They were a little “heavier” than the usual white flour pretzels but that’s to be expected with any sort of whole wheat.  We really liked them.

I also got a small bag of pecan halves, which I mixed with some other nuts, soaked, dried, and turned into mixed nut butter.  The kids really loved that!

These pretzels are on the expensive side.  But sometimes you just need something easy, real food, and safe, you know?  Maybe you’re traveling and don’t have time to cook, or someone’s sick, or you’ve just had a new baby.  Whatever the reason, you need something that you know is healthy, something that you don’t have to worry about.  These are perfect.


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