The Raw Milk Debate

It’s all over the news. Farmers are being arrested. Advocates of raw milk are protesting their right to food freedom while a big question in many American minds is, what is raw milk?

Raw Milk: milk that has not been pasteurized (definition from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

raw vs pasteurized milk

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In recent years the demand for raw milk has gone up with the explosion of organic and health food awareness, where as in the past it was most commonly consumed by farm families.


The United States raw milk debate refers to whether or not U.S. authorities who regulate food safety should be able to ban or prohibit raw milk sales for general consumption. Authorities are basing their decision off food safety guidelines (and research) while advocates of raw milk defend it’s claimed health benefits and their right to freedom of choice.

Raw Milk For Sale

Advocates for raw milk claim it has a variety of health benefits associated with its untainted process, while government officials and researchers report that the claimed health benefits are unsupported by scientific evidence, also noting that there is a substantial food safety risks associated with raw milk consumption.

As the debate erupts all across the nation, farmers, advocates, raw milk consumers, government officials and scientific researchers are all in the spot light and we are all waiting on an answer, healthy or unsafe?

What do you think about the raw milk debate? Have you ever consumed raw milk?  Do you know the raw milk law in your state?  Check out this farm to consumer map to learn more.

Need more information? Want more details to make an informed decision on the raw milk debate? Check out the resources below…

Pro raw milk resources:

Anti raw milk resources:

Last but not least, check out this video of the Raw Milk Debate hosted by Havard Food Law Society in February 2012.

One thought on “The Raw Milk Debate

  1. I grew up on a ranch in Wyoming. I guess I drank “raw” milk. Although Mom did strain it before it went in the fridge. Now I have to buy it (at a hefty price) from a dairy down the road. Still tastes like the same milk…although there is a NOTICEABLE difference between raw and pasturized (YUCK).

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